Individual Hall and Booth Generator

Create your specific banner for EuroTier 2018 quickly and easy! Please note the following:

  • The maximum number of characters of your individual text is 45 (including spaces).
  • The information on the booth may not contain any spaces between aisle and booth number (e.g. A14).
  • After clicking „Create Graphics“, you can save the banner as JPG on your computer.
  • The banner can then, for example, be integrated in the signature of your emails:
    1. First go to Outlook at the upper left on “Files”.
    2. The next step is to select the menu point “Options”.
    3. A new windows opens. Please click here on the third point “Create or change signatures for messages”.
    4. With the button “Insert Graphic” (second icon from the right) you can now place the JPG saved in your PC in your email signature.

We wish you good luck in creating and downloading your individual EnergyDecentral banner!